Boeing’s Self-Flying Air Taxi Completes First Test Flight.

Boeing self-flying air taxi  had complete the first ride as it
took off vertically, hovered for a few seconds lands on ground successfully

Boeings NeXT, Who leads the development of the urban aerial vehicle for the aerospace company, Successfully tested the prototype passenger aerial vehicle (PAV) in Manassas, Virginia.

These Unpiloted air taxi took off vertically, hovered for a few seconds lands on ground successfully. Boeing said that future flights will test Wing-borne flight, along with the phase of transition between the verticle and forward flight mode.

Boeing Company Announcement

Information About Boeing’s Self Flying Taxi.

The machine was developed by Aurora Flight Science, which makes an autonomous flying machine. Boeing bought the company in November 2017. The Vehicle is a part of Boeings research and development division called NeXT.

Here are some specification of air taxi.

Air taxi is powered by an electric propulsion system, its prototype is designed fully autonomous flight from takeoff to landing, With a range of up to 50 miles (80.47 km), with a diamension of 30 feet long ( 9.14 meters) and 28 feet wide (8.53 meters). 

Boeing’s Self-Flying Air Taxi

Its Airframe integrates the wing system to achieve efficient hover and forword flight thats why its also called as vertical takeoff and landing, or VTOL.

These is not the first unnamed air vehicle that NeXT has been developed, The NeXT division also developed another vehicle as Cargo Air Vehicle (CAV). Which is capable of lifting and transporting up to 500 pound payload. and severel other mobility platforms.

Future Of Air Taxi As A Urban Travel.

Boeing putting lots of investment behind these air taxi, Company sees as the future of urban mobility. According to a report, last year in a Bloomberg , The company chief Executive Officer, Dennis Muilenburg talked about how air taxi become reality soon, He told “I think it will happen faster than any of us understand . Real prototype vehicle is building right now. So the technology is so doable”.

Boeing did not mention Uber but outlined his goal of unlocking the ability of the urban air mobility market. For its part, Uber praised to Boeing and Aurora for officially first in flight for Uber. Aurora is one of the partners in Uber’s Elevate program, which has a goal to have air taxis operating in Dallas, Texas, and Los Angeles by 2023.

Boeing is not the only who is intrested in electric flights last year rival Airbus demonstratd its vahana eVTOL aircraft which is similar to air taxi. Similar to that UPS, Intel Corp also have autonomous flight units of their own.

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