How Does A Spacecraft Know Where And On Which Planet It Want To Go? Why Is There A Specific Date And Time To Launch SpaceCraft?

The Spacecraft is a well-known medium for communication with the universe, but do you know how the spacecraft knows where to go. Why there is always a certain time for your journey in space. Why its body is made of aluminum.

In this article, you will get answers to all these questions.

What is Spacecraft or Spaceship?

A spacecraft is a vehicle or machine designed to fly in outer space. The spacecraft is designed to fly with or without humans. Airplanes are not able to fly in outer space due to a lack of oxygen in space. The spacecraft is made to perform a certain function in space including communications, earth observation, and many more. These spacecraft are the only means for astronauts to survive in space and learn about the universe.

Why a Spacecraft Body Made of Aluminium, Not Steel?

Because spacecraft are built to fly in space for a long time. Every vehicle should be solid with the exterior. The spaceship must be solid for safety, but they also need to be light, because they are meant to go where the gravitational force of the earth is zero and the earth cannot pull the spacecraft by its force. It should make its journey with less fuel and propellant. If the spacecraft has a higher mass, it takes more force to repel itself from the earth due to the gravitational force equation that takes more fuel and expensive.

To show launch of spacecraft
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

This is why aluminum and aluminum composite materials are used on spacecraft. The use of titanium alloys can also strengthen the body of the ship. The spacecraft had very special thermal protection tiles, which help protect it from the heat of re-entry. They are made from a carbon of tiles made from a carbon composite to provide the most heat protection.

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How Does The Spacecraft Know Where It is?

We know all the objects in space revolving around the sun. So how does a spacecraft know where it goes in front of so many moving objects. This was done by a scientist before its launch. According to the clock in the solar system. They also work on gravity because objects are rotating in the solar system. Gravity emitted by large planets orbiting the solar system can stop the flight of spacecraft. Scientist uses this gravity to drag the spacecraft into orbits.

So spacecraft is launched at the right time and the right date. All work is done by the scientist before the satellite is launched, once a spacecraft is in flight, short course correction can be made.


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