Why does the Moon appear white and Sun yellow?

We see different things on earth which are of different colors. We see these colors due to the presence of photoreceptors, which are known as cones in the retina of our eyes. The light that enters our atmosphere strikes every object on the earth and reflects more or less to our eyes. these light have different wavelengths that determine which color we will see.

Our vision is not limited only to the things on earth. we can also see the heavenly bodies that are far away from us in space. the moon and the sun are two heavenly bodies that can be seen from earth. These two planets are visible to our eyes in different colors, where the moon appears white and the sun appears yellow. However, the color of the moon and the sun, which we see from the surface of the earth, is not the actual color of these planets.

The Color of Sun

The Sun

The sun contains many gases such as hydrogen, helium and many more. On its surfaces, continuous nuclear fusion reactions occur when hydrogen atoms are compressed to form helium. this process releases a large amount of energy into space. this energy travels in the form of light and when it collides with the earth’s atmosphere, the wavelength of light changes from high frequency to low frequency. This makes the sun’s color yellow. Our atmosphere consists of many particles that make it act as glass prism, thus when light travels through it we see blue sky and yellow color of the sun.

The Color of Moon

White Moon
The Moon

The moon often appears in different colors throughout the year, but its actual color is grey. Unlike the earth, where it has colored objects in different ways due to its atmosphere, water, and life. On the moon, there is no such environment and lifer. instead, the Moon contains magnesium, calcium, iron, aluminum, oxygen, feldspar, silicon, and pyroxene. All these basic minerals collectively give the moon a gray color.

Apart from this, we also find many dark places on the moon from the earth. all those places are the results of a huge amount of volcanic activity and this activity has also constituted various types of rocks. these volcanic activities gave Lunara Maria, Which is the less reflective place on its surface. This is the reason why we can see colorful diversity on the moon from the earth.

Every color of the moon that we see from the earth is due to the reflectivity of the material. The color outside the earth’s atmosphere is provided by sunlight and when it appears on the Earth from the lunar surface, it changes color due to the earth’s atmosphere.

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