This Exoskeleton For The US Army Gives Soldiers Superhuman Abilities.

Many of us fantasized about having the suit like Tony Stark builds in Iron Man Movie. In comics and Pop Culture, Iron Man suit became the most iconic technology. We are hear many times about attempts to create similar to Iron Man Suit, But the Sarcos Robotics would be closest to the original. Sarcos Robotics comes up technology with its own rendition of iron man suit.

Sarcos is an American developer of robotics and microelectrochemical systems and related technologies. The company specializes in creating a robotic device for military and public safety application. Sarcos deliver a production version of its Guardian™ XO robot.

About Guardian™ XO

The Guardian™ XO robot is powered, untethered, industrial exoskeleton suit that improves human strengths and endurance without restricting the operator’s freedom of movement. The Guardian™ XO robot is a perfect combination of man and machine and will create a revolution in the way work get done.

Here are some feature of Guardian™ XO robot:

This robot has enhanced possibilities of the fundamental , practical need to work more efficiently and prevent injury and realize the future of human potential.

Guardian™ XO lift the load of 200lbs or 90 kg without any exertion and obstacles. This robot has a combination of advanced materials, actuators sensors with a simple and sophisticated software algorithms.

Guardian™ XO

This robot makes a revolution in technology robot is equipped with the scaled dexterous end effectors and force feedback feature operator can perform a highly precise task with heavy tools or components.

Guardian™ XO

The Sarcos company is partnered with the US armed forces, we witness a super soldier. Sarcos Robotics has invested a total of $175 million in R&D. This means the systems safe, enough powered, efficient. We are excited to see how the exoskeleton technology crete a new revolution in multiple platforms.

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