This Huge Spinning Ice Disk In Maine’s River Is Going Viral Over The Internet.

A rare giant disk has appered in a Presumpscot River in the US state of Maine. Ice Disk is the sheet of ice which is round in shape and slowly turning. This Ice Disk attracts lots of peoples as the videos and pictures of Ice Disk goes viral on social media.

It has been called as a Frozen Disk and Frozen Crop Circles. The spinning Ice Disk is huge about 300 feet (100 meters) in size. The phenomena were first reported on January 16, Wednesday. It appears to be in the same spot though it changes opacity depending upon the time of day and weather. It is bigger in the morning time and shrinks when the sunlight became harsher, and temperature rises. Ice Disk has seen very areas from Russia to Washington.

The giant ice disk on prescumscot river in westbrook, Maine.
image of ice disk is stopeed spinning in westbrook

How Maine’s Giant Spinning Disk Formed.

This ice disk is nothing but a natural phenomenon. They were formed in the river where there is a temperature change. This temperature change causes circular streams that create a whirlpool effect or vortex under sheets of ice that then break from shore that is frozen. Eddies present in water tends the ice to follow the circular path. As the ice spins the friction of ice with water formed. Due to this, it causes the edge to be shaved off thus it gives the shape of circular.

Time Lapse Of Huge Spinning Ice Disk In Maine’s River.

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