Why a wind turbine has only three blades?

have you heard of the wind turbine? Most of you must have and maybe even seen one. Whenever you go driving from a farm, you see them. A wind turbine is a set for harvesting wind energy. It converts the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. The kinetic energy of the wind helps in the rotation of the blades of the turbine, which eventually rotates the rotor to which they are attached. The road is connected to a shaft that sets a generator in motion to produce electricity.

Wind turbines have been in existence for a long time. They were previously used to pulverizing grain and pump water, but nowadays, it is mostly used to make electricity. Over the years, Wind turbines have undergone a major change. From being available in various shapes to down to the turbines with only three blades.

Why a wind turbine has only three blades?


Three blade wind turbine
Three-blade wind turbine

There are many reasons behind its appearance. Let’s discuss them all one by one. first, the three blades make the entire component cost-effective. If four blades are places instead of three blades, it will eventually increase the cost of a wind turbine, making it less cost-effective, also applying four blades of equal size to a three wind turbine will make it heavier.

Why can’t we use a wind turbine with only 2 blades?

So, each blade of the wind turbine helps the following blades in rotation by disturbing the wind so that you want to keep the number of blades to a minimum. Although a minimum of two blades is required to balance the turbine and harvest the maximum energy, it has its own negative effect.

If we increase the blade length by 50%, then a two-blade wind turbine can match the power output of a three-blade wind turbine, but it ultimately increases the cost of the turbine. in addition, it will also increase mast height to provide more ground clearance.

We can also increase the rotational speed of a two-blade wind turbine by 22.5% to match the efficiency of a three-bladed wind turbine. This will make the blade spin faster but it is completely difficult. The rotating blades of a wind turbine make noise. we know that people do not like to live in noisy areas. Therefore we cannot increase the speed of the blade as it will be very annoying for the people living in the vicinity.



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